Available In-store jobs and job role at Walgreens

In-store at Walgreens

Our in-store team members happily serve our millions of customers every day, and we truly believe that sets us apart and makes us who we are. From the care they put into tasks such as processing and preserving precious memories in our Photo Center to filling a complex (and much needed) prescription in our pharmacy to the genuine smile and warm greeting they give to a customer who just entered the store, they truly are the face, heart and soul of our Walgreens operation.

Find out what’s in store for you

At Walgreens, you’ll have the opportunity to show you care across your career no matter what role you start in. Whether you are in store management or a pharmacy technician, work in photo finishing, or are one of our new beauty consultants, you’ll find that every Walgreens store represents an incredibly diverse array of talent working together to create a consistently positive customer experience. We depend on our team members to deliver excellent customer care, and, in return, we offer exciting growth, advancement, and fulfillment opportunities for all.

Assistant Store Manager Trainee

As a Walgreens assistant store manager trainee (ASM-T), you’ll be taking part in a program that offers a unique development opportunity where you are trained to be a leader in a Walgreens store! Because we want you to succeed in your retail career, we’ve created a comprehensive leadership program that will equip you to become a Walgreens assistant store manager and then a store manager and, from there –depending on your career goals – move into higher levels of retail management within the organization. We provide in-depth leadership training through our two-year Lead, Engage, Advance, Perform (LEAP) program, where you’ll refine skills such as inventory control, merchandising techniques, HR functions, and advertisement knowledge. You’ll be provided with the support of upper management, and will participate in helpful computer-based and hands-on learning activities, all aimed at providing you with the resources and knowledge to successfully lead your own Walgreens retail location.

We provide in-depth leadership training through our Lead, Engage, Advance, Perform (LEAP) program, where you’ll refine skills such as inventory control, merchandising techniques, HR functions, and advertising knowledge. You’ll be provided with the support of upper management, and will participate in helpful computer-based and hands-on learning activities, all aimed at providing you with the resources and knowledge to successfully lead your own Walgreens retail location. You’ll also gain the leadership and training that prepare you to transition from operational management into performance management.


Beauty Advisor

As a beauty advisor, you’ll help our customers look and feel their best while building a loyal client base that depends on you for the latest trends and products. It’s a chance to work with innovative new cosmetics, including exclusive lines created only for Walgreens. You’ll participate in monthly meetings to review the newest items coming to the store, as well as hone your selling and customer-building techniques. And you’ll be encouraged to share ideas that help shape the look of the department and your customer interactions. It’s all of the tools and training you need to be successful.

Beauty Consultant

Be a part of a beauty revolution to change the face of beauty! Our beauty consultants offer personalized advice, tips/tricks, mini-makeovers, and product consultations using electronic devices to meet customers’ beauty, skincare and cosmetics needs. Here, you’ll apply beauty expertise, creative problem-solving, and exceptional service to help our customers look and feel their best. You’ll build client trust through demonstrating expert knowledge and passion for beauty, as well as have the opportunity to work with trusted cosmetic brands and exclusive lines created for Walgreens. Walgreens is creating a UNIQUE customer experience by offering beauty customers personalized advice across the best range of global beauty brands in a welcoming, inspirational and convenient environment. By demonstrating a passion for beauty and combining this with our existing strengths, we create a unique, differentiated offering for customers. To learn more about the beauty consultant role, click here.

Customer Service Associate

As a customer service associate, you are the face of Walgreens – the person who helps fulfill our mission of making people’s lives a little easier, feel a little better, and healthier. You’ll take great pleasure in delighting our customers through friendly, exceptional service, and your genuine, welcoming attitude and approach will help make everyone’s day a little brighter. Key duties include cash register operations and customer service, merchandising, store inventory, and maintaining store signage and displays. It’s a great introduction to the Walgreens organization, with opportunities to excel in this position for years to come or to explore a variety of opportunities.

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At Walgreens, we’re transforming the traditional drugstore into a health and beauty destination that offers a range of products and services to help customers look and feel their best and live life healthier. Our step-by-step Community Management Internship Program equips you to become a Walgreens store manager in one of the most exciting and fast-paced retail environments in the nation. You’ll work with experienced store managers on everything from operations and management responsibilities to merchandising and advertising, as well as partnering with our pharmacy on health initiatives. And at the end of 10 weeks, you’ll have the real-world experience you need to succeed in the Walgreens retail environment.

LOOK Boutique

As a LOOK Boutique team member, you’ll provide an upscale beauty experience to customers in our exciting, revamped retail space. As part of our model, you’ll have the chance to offer specialized beauty advice, provide beauty services to customers, and recommend personal solutions. You’ll be fully trained on our specialty products and give knowledgeable suggestions to customers on any product line. You’ll also carry out skincare analyses and promote available skincare products and treatments to clients. As a licensed esthetician, nail technician, color expert, or makeup artist, this is your chance to work with some of the best products available in the industry and build a loyal client base along the way.

Photo Specialist

This role offers a unique and special opportunity here at Walgreens – one that lets you serve and engage with our customers on an even more personal level by helping them preserve, celebrate, and commemorate the important moments in their lives. And as photo finishing has evolved, so have the responsibilities of our photo specialists. Not only will you learn to operate state-of-the-art photo processing equipment, you’ll receive extensive training in our PictureCare Plus system, where you monitor all orders and even specialty items like photo calendars, films, and mugs. The photo department is a vital part of every Walgreens, and we depend on confident, tech-savvy individuals who are customer-service focused for our continued success.


Walgreens has been evolving along with the pharmacy profession for over 100 years, so we know what it takes to stay ahead of current trends and help our patients be well every day. Over the past few years, Walgreens has used its many years of success as an anchor as we continue to expand, to innovate and to put pharmacy at the forefront of our growth.

Pharmacy practice at Walgreens embraces an unmatched standard of quality care and encourages pharmacists to take on new clinical roles in the community. As a pharmacist, this means Walgreens can offer unparalleled opportunities to advance your career and impact your patients’ health and daily living. Through focused efforts to allow greater access to patient care and provide additional services such as immunizations, medication therapy management, and health testing, Walgreens pharmacists can look forward to practicing at the highest level at over 9,500 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

As a Walgreens pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you’ll have numerous opportunities for career growth and a wide range of locations from which to choose. You can work as a community pharmacist in one of our 9,500 locations, as an onsite pharmacist with a hospital or a business, or as a home care pharmacist — just to name a few of the possibilities. It’s the chance to hone your skills and advance in a company where our pharmacists are uniquely valued.

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Shift Lead

As a Walgreens shift lead, you’ll develop and enhance your leadership abilities as an indispensable asset to our store staff. As a liaison between management and non-management team members, you’ll be a key part of ensuring that excellent customer service is delivered to our customers. You’ll also provide leadership to team members by communicating tasks from the store manager, coaching on warehouse and vendor orders, and handling day-to-day cash functions. You’ll have the tools and guidance available to lead team members and support store management, giving you the opportunity to serve in a vital role on our front-end team.